v. to make fun off someone. Slang term commonly used in the Liverpool area of UK, meaning to make fun off, to take the micky of someone.
You skitting me or what?
Stop skitting me.
by rayboy February 27, 2005
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Helvetes jävla skit bögvel...

damn fucking gay...damn it

by mark Gilchrist April 24, 2007
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"skit"(verb) "skited"(past tense) "skitting" (continuous) A slang created in which it means "ignore".
I was skit by my girlfriend today. I think she hates me.

I was skitting this chick for the whole day but she still wont leave me alone.
by 0mikey0 May 18, 2009
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A commonly used acronym that stands for scene kid in training. Basically anyone who trys to be a scene kid, but is not completely there yet.
Wow! John is growing his hair out and dying it black. The kid is still a s.k.i.t. because he is not fully scene yet.
by vettekid May 07, 2006
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The mixture of tobacco and weed left over from rolling a joint. Skit can be amassed to form a joint of its own.
There’s no weed but you can use the skit in the tin.
by ElBertEinstien February 07, 2019
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A shortened version of the word schizophrenia.. Skit spread like wild fire in 2017. When a person does the complete opposite thing of what they were claiming they would do or say. Can also describe when a person has manic or wild behavior that makes no sense at all.
Did you see Nancy last night???? She was acting so skit dude.
by MDLA July 13, 2018
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