A Skinner Is a Redneck, Creeper, Very Strange Person. Dont get me wrong. Skinners come many different ways. But your best bet is the mossy oak cut off tee with the bud light cap. Skinners are more than likely white trash.
Dude lets get the fuck outta here.. Shit load of skinners in this bitch..

hey is it cool if steve comes over?..dude hell no..he scares me his dads a hella skinner..

(as a verb)..dude timmy..forreal..stop..your skinnin hard
by s-turna11 June 22, 2009
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Somebody who tries to copy the characters from skins, in the way of parties dress sense and personality. Somebody who tries to throw skins parties, is considered a skinner, and is stuck in the year 2007
The party that skinner threw last night was sick
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A Skinner is the total alpha . No one can match his manliness . Everyone he works with looks up to him and wishes he still worked on there work place .
Wish I was Skinner
by Alpha F October 18, 2018
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A person that complains about or insults anything and everything and attempt to make the lives of others meaningless and unfulfilling.
Bob: "I like rainbows."

Skinner: "You are a fat, useless, internet-abusing virgin. Your opinion is wrong. HUD."
by Mr Mean Jeans June 17, 2010
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The action of a finger poking through toilet paper once wet during the wiping process and emerging covered in poo.
Dude, I've totally got pink eye after skinnering and rubbing my eye before I realized.
by Zombleton Smith December 22, 2016
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While in missionary possition; Using one's pubic region to apply pressure upon the clitoris, while slowly rolling one's hips.
Brad can't get rid of Emily since he used The Skinner on her.
by Dr. Skinner April 20, 2010
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Verb: To be a dick, asshole or fuck face intentionally and specifically to your friends for personal enjoyment.
Josh is always such an asshole To his friends. He is constantly Skinnering them.

The next time josh skinners me I will lose my shit.
by Jkyboy September 8, 2016
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