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A Target girl is a Woman or Girl that dresses like a typical city girl or in Target Clothes. She usually wears Cardigans and loose clothes and is really skinny and usually has 2 necklaces and mid-range hair. She is also the one English Teacher or the 5th/2nd grade Really progressive teacher who is capitalist at the same time. She most likely drives a Subaru Impreza(non WRX) or an Outback or the Toyota Camry or the most popular one, the none other than the Prius.(bonus points for the PriusC ;).) She is also the "cool and nice" Teacher. Her name is usually Jess or Julie. The opposite of a Target Girl is a Pick me Girl
Tyler: Hey Dude, my Teacher is cool right.

Josh: Yea Man but she's a Target Girl, that's why she's chill asl. I wish I had her :/
by SkinnerBoi_69 January 4, 2022
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Skinner has many meanings however this one is underrated
Skinner: a white skinned or light skinned person
Friend 1: ayo that Skinner, is actually Mexican.
Friend 2: really? Man I need to know more about these people.
by SkinnerBoi_69 June 22, 2021
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