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An subjekt derived by combining the three words "skank", "kinky" and "skin-showing".
Ohh schnap, that bitch sure is skinky!
by Sam and Niclas October 29, 2006
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A skinny girl (usually ugly), who makes fun of overweight people. She is so insucure in her looks, that she'll make fun of a fat person to pull the attetion off of her uguly face, all the while the guy she's trying to impress is checking out the "Fat Chick", and think of different ways to fuck her.
OMG... Rachel is such a Skinky girl. Thats why Mike left her for Nan.
by Virgin Of Luck June 25, 2006
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when a girl is so thin its stupid like skinny
that girl is skinky! she oughta go to macdonalds
by ian November 17, 2003
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When Someone Of The Authorities Gets You In Trouble For Any Little Thing Because You Have Got In Trouble Before.
Girl Says To A Teacher: Get Out My Face Or Ill Punch It!
Teacher: Principles Office, NOW!

2 Weeks Later
Girl During Math: No I Got A Total Different Answer
Teacher: Raise Your Hand!.... Lets Talk In The Hall
Girls Friend: Man, The Teacher Is So Skinky To Her
by Anoyyed123 February 01, 2012
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When two lizards, scalies, or any type of reptile like thing decides to have a little fun being kinky. Or just sexual behavior.

Kinky: kink·y
involving or given to unusual sexual behavior.
synonyms: perverse, abnormal, deviant, unconventional, unnatural, degenerate, depraved, perverted; informalpervy
"a kinky relationship"

Skink: skink
a smooth-bodied lizard with short or absent limbs, typically burrowing in sandy ground, and occurring throughout tropical and temperate regions.

Put them together and you get skinky!

A very unusual sexual desire for lizards, scalies, reptiles, etc
Scientist 1: "I see our Iguana Test Subjects are Getting Pretty Skinky"
Scientist 2: "I agree They are Just Getting into it"
by PrincessOfTrash July 24, 2017
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