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Amazing, wonderful, beautiful chick. Mariana's are very giggly, funny, and fun-loving. They are extremely ticklish and smell very nice. They are also secretly defiant (they usually have dyed hair, piercings, or a unique fashion sense). You must always approach a Mariana first because they will rarely approach you. Mariana's have killer eyes and a beautiful smile/laugh. They have unique interests and laugh at your passions but secretly admire, respect, and adore you. Be sure to stay close to them because they tend to be cold all the time and need your warmth and affection. Talk to them about deep intimate thoughts and stories; they love that shit.
Me: Hey, Mariana!
Mari: (laughs)
Me: Why, what's up?
Mari: Your face, goddammit! (laughs)
by Fuck Love, Snort Drugs November 24, 2012
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When a girl's asshole is so clean that you can stick a strawberry in it and then proceed to eat it out of her ass.
My trig teacher is so hawt. I wish she's down for a dirty strawberry...
by Fuck Love, Snort Drugs January 12, 2013
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The good ol' plank o' wood. A skateboard is NOT a toy; it's a part of your fucking life, bro. Cruise to school, bomb hills, haul ass, eat shit, and learn a thing or two from and on your board. A skateboard has always been there. Get on and forget all the bullshit; enjoy the ride. You CANNOT use a skateboard as a fashion sense; if you do, you're a shithead. Thrash everything in sight and ride until you die.
Fuck doing homework. I have my skateboard.
Fuck doing drugs. I have my skateboard.

Fuck all this bullshit. I have my skateboard.
by Fuck Love, Snort Drugs December 14, 2012
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