the only way to dance. done to ska it takes balance and endurance but it is very worth it.
by aquabats fan March 15, 2004
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1) To dance to a reggae or ska beat. Usually consists of nodding, swinging your arms at a 90° angle or so, and kicking around your feet. Can be done alone, but is more fun in groups.

2) One who does not exhibit desirable forms of personal hygiene.

3) A whore, slut; usually a girl.
1) We went to see The Toasters with some other bands, it was awesome. Everybody was skanking!

2) Ugh, what a skank. I heard he went two months without showering once.

3) Paris Hilton: redefining skank.
by ska-o-riffic! April 09, 2005
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There are several definitions of Skank

1) To skank-verb-A dance to be preformed ONLY to ska, usually involving kicking your legs, andmoving your arms.
2)A term commmonly use to refer to a young woman (or sometimes male) describing un hygenic habits, very little clothing and usually hints at that they are "easy"
3) When you inhale Marijuana
4) When something is taked without paying, either stolen or given to for free (when not deserved)
1) My friends and i went to a ska concert and we were totally skankin!!!
2) person1: See her over there?
person2:Ya! She like never bathes or takes showers!!!
Person1: And she'll open her legs to any guy that walks by!!! She's SUCH a skank!!
3) Last night at Bob's party, there were so many people,and we were all skanking weed...
4) Hey! He totally skanked themoney off of his mom!!!
by Bex December 03, 2003
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dance performed to ska

how to skank (rudeboy guide)
1. Skip
2. Continue to skip while staying in one place
3. While doing that, move your arms like you're running and youre skanking! congratulations!

Now get rid of your fucking awful looking burberry market copies and ur Nikes made in Indonesia for less than you earn in a saturday job
Capdown at the Ag!!!! whooo!!! skanking all night long!!!
by hairbear May 19, 2004
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1 - (n) a dirty whore

2 - (n) a filthy, disgusting, smelly person (female but sometimes used for males)

3 - (v) a dance characterized by raising the knees and flailing the arms while bent over like you are ready for a huge dong in your ass and enjoying it; this dance is usually performed to ska music while smoking a joint

4 - (proper Noun) a Brazilian pop band with a reggae/ska influence; in recent years Skank (prounounced more like "skunky" by the Brazilians, has morphed into a more soft-rock band
1 - Yo, homes, that bitch be a skank. Don't get wit her.

2 - Liz and Lance are total skanks. I heard they don't even have no bath in that trailer park they lives in.

3 - Owen and Denise are skanking to the music and smokin' a blunt.

4 - I bought the new Skank CD but it's not like their old stuff.
by shrimphead May 08, 2008
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A girl who asks someone else's boyfriend to give her a good fucking.
I know you're in a relationship, but would you mind giving me a good fucking? I'm too much of a skank to get my own guy.
by skankless August 07, 2010
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A golf shot similar to a shank. The only difference is that a skank is struck on the toe edge of the golf club (instead of the hosel). A skank is hard to control, but if done correctly, can shoot straight sideways at an unexpecting person.
I just learned the skank so now I can hit Bruner and call it an accident!
by Bigby July 18, 2010
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