Skank is a word used to explain a girl who "flurks" with every guy and then either talks to them or gives them head. The word skank can easily be mistaken for the word slut or whore. But a skank stabs a friend in their back and doesn't give a shit.
Eve being the skank she is woke up in the morning with cum in her hair and no friends.
by Dave Priebs June 25, 2010
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A derogatory term directed towards females, usually young, suggesting sluttiness, lack of hygiene, poorness, cruelty, tackiness, or use of drugs/alchohol/cigarettes. Can be used towards any race.
At the party, Christine gave head to half the guys there. She's such a skank.

That skank Carmen never bathes. That's why she always smells like shit.

Twyla lives in a shack with her trailer-trash family. She has, like, no money and has to share clothes with her five siblings. She's such a skank.

Regina is such a skank. She trashed all of Lindsay's notebooks, stole Maria's boyfriend, and turned the whole school against everyone in the math club. I hate her.

Do you see Amber, snapping her gum and flirting with every guy in that tight hot pink leather top? She's such a skank.

At the party, the usual happened. Victoria drank like a whore, did cocaine and smoked pot, and never let a cigarette out of her mouth. The skank.
by xxdecayingashes December 26, 2005
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A worthless skank who gets famous from making a sex tape, inexplicaby getting famous by society that just makes America look fucking stupider from all these idiots who for unknown reasons worship this whore who's a useless piece of shit that needs to be airlfted and abandoned to the farthest island away so she can rot away and not infest the US anymore with her worthlessness.
by someone who fucking hates kim November 1, 2011
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a person who always thinks they look good, but in reality, they look like shit. mostly the people with very low self respect. they sleep around alot, and probably have an STD infected loose vagina.
cause shes a skank
by 8meh8er October 18, 2010
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1. Someone who is a dirty woman that cheats and sleeps with other men

2. A ram root chum of a bitch

3. A woman who is so self obsessed with herself that she wants to go through as many men in her life as i go through toilet paper it's not funny...god damn skanks
by G.MAC March 30, 2006
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1. (verb) A type of dance that is done at ska shows. It's basically swing dancing with yourself.
2. (adj.) A person who's an amazingly awesome rudie.
1. "I skanked till i almost had a heart attack at that ska show last night!"
2. "Man, that guy's totally skankin!"
by Katie May 9, 2004
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skanking is the single most extreme form of motion attainable by a human being.
dude, i skanked so hard at that reel big fish show last night.
by Wombat October 4, 2004
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