Female moniker for a smokin' hot woman, a bit crazy at times, emotional, loyal, honest, fun-loving and creative.

Origin: England
Meaning: Double-woven thread... crisscross fiery personality that can light a fire or smolder flames.
She was hot and she was cold; She was so Twyla.
by Tink2Pink February 3, 2010
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Hot Babe psssssssssst
She was such a Twyla.
by Jill January 22, 2005
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1. One who exhibits stupidity to the utmost extreme.

2. One who lacks the social graces given to even the most rudimentary of mossy vegitation.

3. One who has lost all sense of reality whilst performing even the most menial of tasks.

4. A person who lies so often, they start to believe that if they say it then it must be true. And they expect everyone else to believe them as well.
he's such a twyla.
by goob mccoy December 7, 2017
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The most alluringly seductive face that can be made. To make the face you must deform the lips in an awkwardly off center smile, squint your eyes or open them wildley, raise your eyebrows, and just send out sexappeal. Once you master this face, boys will be lineing up down the block for a piece of that.
Wow, that girl just did a Twyla Face, oh man I want her so bad.
by koocheww August 19, 2007
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