A girl or woman of poor reputation and easy virtue. 2. An unattractive female, possibly diseased or excessively tatooed and pierced.
You don't want a blind date with her ; everyone knows she's a real skank. Yechhh, look at that skank on the corner over there.
by Kerry A. Baldwin July 25, 2006
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A golf shot similar to a shank. The only difference is that a skank is struck on the toe edge of the golf club (instead of the hosel). A skank is hard to control, but if done correctly, can shoot straight sideways at an unexpecting person.
I just learned the skank so now I can hit Bruner and call it an accident!
by Bigby July 19, 2010
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a dance that is mostly done at ska or reggae shows. its super fun, dont care what people think or say because the true ska fans will just appreciate that your not standing stiffly and instead enjoying yourself.

Yes, theres a "right" way to skank, but its more of a common understanding of what it looks like so dont worry if your not doing it EXACTLY the same. its about expressing your personality, it might feel funny at first but just lose yourself in the music and itll feel right

its really just about feeling the musiccc

A great way to express your inner happiness! or not
stupid girly bitch: ew, like what are those people doing. HAHA!
fake ska fan who thinks hes above everyone else by not dancing: wow, we're so cool, just standing here. LOOK AT THOSE LOSERS THEYRE ACTUALLY HAVING FUN BUT IM SO MUCH BETTER THAN THEM
true ska fan: whooo i dont care if i look like a limping gorilla im skankinggg
by babyalice is my koala December 10, 2009
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A person, usually female, whose attempts at vanity result in a used, vulgar, or unhealthy and lewd appearance.
Kathy Lee Gifford, with her over-processed hair, heavy make-up, and flashy spandex outfits, is a skank.
by Whit Fisher November 8, 2005
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when someone does something dirty, sly or just sick, like stealing something from you
Jesse- "Who ate my Doritos?"
Lird - " Sorry man, I skanked 'em from ya."
Jesse- "Oh boy you're sick, you skank."
by Jessewooo February 18, 2008
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To run away from or intentionally avoid.
quick and unnoticed escape, a trick usually done between a group of friends to an individual as a joke.
1) What did you skank off for?
2) You just skanked me for no reason.
3) What you doing skanking off like that?
by Herwoyn Beck December 26, 2005
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To be ripped off, or be in a situation resulting in a negative outcome. May have originated on the London streets, but is used by stoners, esp. regarding shit deals.
Dude! You got skanked, that 8th is well flim!
Ha! Skanked!
That biatch can't give head for shit, skanked or what!
by Buck March 14, 2005
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