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When you blow lovesauce onto a man or woman and let it dry. After it dries licking or picking it off is optional.
Yo mang I just gave that chick a Skab in the bathroom, I bet she has cottonmouth.
by Amos Tucker Moses May 09, 2010
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The abdominal muscles visible by virtue of being unhealthily skinny rather than muscular. Since these lack much tone, their aesthetic quality is nil except for in gay "twink" pornography.
When he took off his shirt, I was happy to see the 6-pack until I realized they were just skabs.
by April Kimble June 04, 2007
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A clingy ex-boyfriend/girlfriend that will not leave you alone.
dude... you need to get rid of your skab

dude... your skab is following us, creepy
by DIS 4 ev November 05, 2009
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A mix of the two most annoying things in this world; scabs and skanks.
Shiiiit nigga, this fucking skab's been hollerin' at me all night. No way would I stoop that low
by Kevvypoo May 28, 2010
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someone who pretends to be a skater just to get the attention of someone who really does skate
skab-"i love to play skateboarding its so much fun whats that part you stand on?
skater-im gonna go buy a new deck mines kinda thrashed then ill go skate
by jade dusk April 11, 2005
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