like sixty nine but she blows you and you owe her one
by jrky March 4, 2009
A derogatory term used when a Nigga is too short to actually get a 69 going wit his girl.
Chris and his short Pinoy ass only 68 wit his bitch.
by Lysol June 14, 2004
A sexual position, rather like "69," except with "68," your sexual partner does you first and then you owe them one.
I'd say that sixty-eight is by far my favorite sexual position.
by The Doctor October 18, 2004
To receive oral sex (head) without the slightest intention of returning the favor (sixty nine) even though you may or may not have promised to do so
girl: "how about a sixty-nine?"
guy: "how about a sixty-eight?"
girl: "What's a sixty-eight?"
guy: "blow me and I'll owe you one"
by Fernando November 4, 2005
A short ass pussy dude who is too fucking short to do a sixty-nine
Hey pussy . . . how was your sixty-eight last night with your cum craving wimp?
by Master of Girth April 4, 2003