5 definitions by Lysol

Totally asleep. From 'ZZZZzzzzzz'
I was totally zeed when you called.
by Lysol February 9, 2005
To squeeze the nose of the victim flat on his/her face, and bore out their eyes with one's fingers.
Buzzed went tipping the lion again in Central Park.
by Lysol February 24, 2004
Wholly and undeniably, me.
by Lysol June 14, 2004
A fetish where you're sexually attracted to a broom, and wanna fuck it.
Chris: is that a broom?

Peter: Yup
Chris: I wanna fuck it
Peter: Nasty ass broom fetish
by Lysol November 24, 2016
A derogatory term used when a Nigga is too short to actually get a 69 going wit his girl.
Chris and his short Pinoy ass only 68 wit his bitch.
by Lysol June 14, 2004