short for Siva Kaneswaran. He is a member of The Wanted

sexy, tall, funny, cute, irresistible, beautiful and gorgeous..
basically he is Tall, Dark and Handsome

he's just perfect
ME: Oh, look at siva... isn't he perfect??

by DharshCR November 19, 2011
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Dude1: yo did you see siva the other night?
Dude2: yea man she looked so beautiful.
Dude1: yea she always looks beautiful. Better yet, she isnt beautiful only on the outside.
Dude2: damn dude, her boyfriend must be the luckiest guy ever.
by FurrySelca April 25, 2019
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NOT the Hindu equivalent to Satan. There is no equivalent to Satan in Hinduism. Siva is just the god of destruction, no hellfire involved, because sometimes destruction is healthy. He's part of a triumverate of Hindu gods who together form the cycle of creation, preservation and destruction.
"So I hear Siva is like the Hindu Satan, eh?"
"NO! He's not!"
by janani December 2, 2004
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fat, black, a person who eats too much
Oh lord Siva just ate the whole turkey for thanksgiving, what a fatass.
by aadfdfadf November 12, 2010
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This is during sex when the girl is preferably in a cow girl position. You and your couple are enjoying it when all of a sudden the girl takes an unexpected poop on your lap. The poop is considered the "Siva".
Boy 1: "Dude, you still dating that one chick?"
Boy 2: "No way, i dumped her after she left a Siva on my lap last night."
by IndianFAG1928 March 4, 2011
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Act of lying, fooling, or tricking an individual.
Andrew: "Did you do your part for the assignment?"
John: "Yes".
Jack: "No way, you were at the carnival today, why are siva-ing him!"
by onewonder December 3, 2010
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A liar.
Person 1: Siva told me about this one thing yesterday, it was pretty dope.
Person 2: Don't listen to Siva, he's a liar.
by boominmoomin June 6, 2016
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