A Whore who drains the balls of all their cum with pussy, mouth or Ass. A girl who gives head and swallows. A slut that milks every last drop of cum from you and your buddies.
Let me tell you Kerry is a real Cum Siphon.

My wife is a cum siphon.

Last night we ordered a couple of Cum Siphons for the bachelor party tonight.

Not only is Melissa a real pretty girl, she is also a Cum Siphon.
by El Capitain July 03, 2018
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Fellatio performed on a small penis.
When asked about giving a hyphen siphon to the Asian guy, she said it was like drinking wasabi through a straw.
by David B Weingarten September 25, 2011
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One who siphons wangs.
Human A: We should hang out with George more often, he's a cool dude.
Human B: No, that guy is a wang siphon.
by jcrump March 17, 2008
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Siphon also means the same as suck, a chicken can also be called a cock. So go siphon a chicken can also mean "go suck a cock"
jack : *being an idiot*
mark : oh, go siphon a chicken.
by blädrn svartr October 21, 2021
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When you're not near a toilet, so you pee in someone's butt and then they keep the pee there until they can properly transfer it to the toilet.
Bro, all the bathrooms are being used, I think I'm gonna have to use the Singapore Siphon, or we're gonna have a mess.
by DefinitelyNotLobsterfest February 25, 2021
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