The opposite of gas. Used when people are talking about you, or a situation, where you succeeded, but they say otherwise.
Justin: Your ball skills are wack.
Jimmy: Quit Siphoning me.
Justin: Okay fine.
by jimmymk12 September 25, 2014
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Squeezing as much “you time” as you possibly can out of the night time, so you don’t go to bed, because this tends to lead to waking up and going to your crappy job.

Side effects: Acute morning-after grogginess, followed by unproductive day of dim-wittedness and bumping into things.

Possible solution: Quitting said job and finding one you like.
Office person 1: Wow, dude, you look awful.
Office person 2: Yeah, I stayed up until 5am playing Fallout 3. Indulged in a little night siphoning.
by travors February 18, 2010
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The art of getting ones dick sucked (preferably from a Canadian) while simultaneously having ones asshole sucked (preferably from a Mexican).
Canada was chugging my cock when all of the sudden I heard a knock at the door. Manuel barged in and began to suck my asshole with an airtight seal. At first I was confused, but soon I gently placed my hands on top of Canada's and Manuel's head, I smiled and whispered "Mexican Siphon".

blow job rim job mexican canada siphon
by Dubsack63 January 20, 2013
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a hose a mother fucker uses to steal gas out of your mother fuckin whip
that mother fucker Tyrone used a siphon hose and stole gas from my mother fuckin whip
by Bastard Belly July 10, 2008
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When going down on a girl while she menstruates and deciding you are going to slurp it up and put it in a jar to save for later.
When Tod opened his freezer for some cherry ice cream, he was horrifyingly surprised to find a jar of red siphon about to expire..... so he ate that instead.
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