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to drink to excess in the company of close friends, often resulting in black out, pizza, arrest, and / or whale poaching.
Dude, lets go sipe. Sorry man, I'm straight siped from happy hour.


You up for some siping after class?
by BurtinErnie March 24, 2009
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Sipes’s are the strongest, smartest, and best looking. They are very persuasive, and are never overlooked. You want to find a Sipes if you aren’t one already, grab hold of them and never let go
Vicky: “Omgosh, he’s mine”
Nicky: “ that kid is definitely a Sipes
by SipesWant2B May 17, 2018
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Spanglish slang for "yes" which come from SI (yes in spanish) + Nope (slang for "no" in english).
Are you coming to Jenna Jameson house?
Sipe, I'm going.
by geixer August 21, 2006
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