A deranged mad-scientist from Zaun who instills maximum tilt into his enemies as they attempt to chase him through his cancerous poison gas. Tilt is amplified via the use of laugh-spam and mastery spam as well as implementing Rylai's Crystal Sceptor into his kit.

Singed created Warwick and pissed him off.

Never chase Singed. He will laugh at you and kill you after you lose half your HP to his poison.
Singed can go 0-10 in lane and still shit on your team fights.
Singed is fucking OP dude. He just runs around, unkillable, spamming shit and taking turrets. I fucking hate Singed.
by ThatMilkshake May 7, 2018
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One of the many playable champions in the MOBA-style game, League of Legends. Easily considered the most broken champion within the game. It is unfortunate that Riot Games, has not nerfed this champion.
Jacob: "Oh my God dude I just went 0-12, singed is so busted!"
by zjansen June 16, 2018
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1. A well-known prison located in eastern New York State, along the Hudson river. The base for such phrases as 'up the river' (as it is located up the Hudson river from NYC) and 'the big house' (because it's a... big... place.).

2. A popular nickname for Ossining, NY, the town in which Sing Sing prison is located.
"Hells no! I'm not gonna do that! I don't want to end up in Sing Sing!"
by Deus Ibi Est April 30, 2006
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sing sing is either the prison or the town outside it, also known as O town . They got a mad famous prison and shit there.Good place to party if yuore in Westchester.

by ZYSHONN April 18, 2006
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(verb) The submission of clandestine and sensitive information that was originally intended to remain as such; ratting; snitching; narcing; "telling on" someone or some people.
If ever Betsy gets put in the interrogation room that hog bitch will start singing on the whole crew just to save her own ass. Damn is that bitch ever a cutthroat.
by Nikki Stixx February 4, 2020
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"Singative" is like "talkative" or the newly founded "textative."

"Singative" refers to the feeling when someone wants to (or actually does) start singing (either randomly or because they have a reason for doing so).
Jake: Hey dude, why is Melody singing in the middle of the living room? I mean, she's just terrible!

Ryan: Yeah, she does suck at singing, but I can't stop her. She said she's in a singative mood.

Jake: Oh brother!

Ryan: Tell me about it! **Rolls eyes**
by Elimeno Pea July 13, 2009
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The act of using ones voice to produce musical sounds, often with the use of words.

Men in particular who can sing well, or even moderately well, gain an immense advantage over their peers as the ability to sing is by far the single most sexually attractive quality to a woman. In fact it is not uncommon for a male singer to have hundreds beautiful females vying for his affections within seconds of breaking into song.

Also, if accompanied by any form of rhythmic movement or dancing this effect can be multiplied tenfold.
Guy: (singing) "When the moon hits your eye..."

Girl 1: "Ahhhhh! Do me!"

Girl 2: *faint*
by 'ice' May 7, 2009
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