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The nicest sweetest girl you will ever meet. She is also really pretty and athletic. Although she makes really stupid choices she works around it, she liked is liked by many and hated by more though. Mostly out of jealousy, she has away with guys too.
Guy: Did you see Sinclaire yesterday? She looked really hot!
Girl: God shut up!

Girl: Oh my god I hate Sinclaire so much, she is a whore.
Guy: Why because she has an ounce of personality and is actually nice to people?
by Supersede February 03, 2013
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The funniest girl you will ever meet. Very athletic but can be chill and lazy too. Fun to hang around ! Finding a Sinclaire is 0.5 in 2 million!! Never take her for granted she can make your life a living hell if you do.
I saw Sinclaire over the weekend I had the best time ever! You should have been there.
by CaptainCrazyCat November 26, 2016
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