Sina is a beautiful ,intelligent girl who always has a smile on her face.Sina is brave and is not scared of anything.She is the best friend you could ever have and will always be by your side.
The name Sina means “treasure”which means she is a special part of you!
Girl:who’s that?
Girl:that’s Sina!the most amazing friend I’ve ever have!
by Learnfromdaboss August 15, 2019
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A Sina is the best man you could ever find.He’s loving and caring and he helps people without any expectations.He might seem shy at first but as you get to know him ,you’ll find him so understanding and thoughtful.He’s mind blowingly handsome and attractive and hard not to fall for.
-Who’s that gorgeous?
+That’s Sina!!can’t you see?
by Jim mathew August 16, 2018
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The person who is caring and beautiful in every aspect a person can see. Girls are jelouse of what or who sina can be, and is always "hatin".Boys are just awe-strucked at how wonderful and hot a Sina can be. So go Sina!!!
Girl1: She is so ugly, I mean look at her why do the boys go after Sina?
Girl2: Probably because they pity her.

Boy1: Sina is so fucking perfect!
Boy2: No she isnt, but pretty damn close to it.
by Bbg.A October 31, 2015
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Sina is a name for persian boys. It means "scientist". Sina was the name of the father of "Abu Ali Sina", a famous Iranian scientist.

These guys are energetic and very creative
They are looking to make amazing things. Their thoughts are beyond normal.

If you are friends with Sina, he can be a good and cool friend. There are many things you can learn from him. But because of his strange thoughts, it is better to be a little afraid of him.
by Golish November 22, 2021
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Sina is the wonderful person I have been looking for my whole life.

She is loyal and thoughtful when it comes to her friends. Sina is the kind of girl you can contact day or night and she will help you out and be there for you. Sina is the calm when everything around you seems stormy and messed up.

She is optimistic and encourages you to push forward because she has all this motivation and power inside of her.
Sina is an independent and mature woman who will go her own and often unique way.
Even if she does not say so she is creative and expresses love and feelings through writing, crafting and drawing.
Sina has been through some tough times in life. That is why she is so strong but she also has a sensitive and soft side that she will only express to very few people.

Sina is one of the prettiest girls I know- and I do not say that only because she is my girlfriend- she is sporty and can easily do multiple pushups. On top of that she has that indescribable sparkle in her eyes and an infectious smile. Through that and her gorgeous character she can connect to all types of people easily and they will love her!

People like Sina are rare so if you find a Sina, keep her close because she will change your life!
Someone: „Who is that girl you are holding hands with?“
Me: „That is Sina, my girlfriend and favorite person!“

If you are friends with Sina you are so lucky!
by han_nah2501 July 13, 2022
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Iranian Male. Infantile and child-like tendencies which are displayed through daily interactions. Hard-working individuals with motivation and drive.
If I had a little more Sina in me, I could continue on to higher education.
by Frankson January 23, 2009
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An amazing Samoan girl, who is dedicated to church, loves her family and does her best to make everyone smile when she's unsure about her own feelings. She has beautiful smile and is not conceited. Most people look up to her because of her modesty and dedication to everything she does.
Person 1: Wow, who's that?

Person 2: Oh that's Sina, the Samoan chick. She's really lovely

Person 1: I can see that. She's beautiful .
by Ollie145 December 5, 2013
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