The girl version of a simp because my female friend is a girl and said girls cant be simps
by gsikafsdhafhsdog October 7, 2020
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When you get all emotional and sensitive with your homies. Most often seen at raves.
Me: You're literally so fucking dope i appreciate our friendship so much.
Homie: Damn dude don't get all simpy on me.
by Rina24xo October 5, 2017
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Short for simpleton; A simple minded person; someone unintelligent or foolish person
Adam and Keenan are simpies indeed, but Snake is the biggest simpie of them all.
by Festus March 21, 2007
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Simple or goofy person out to have fun with his friends.
Dude that guy is simpy! He always laughs.
by Goofster June 20, 2005
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simpy is an adjective to describe a simp and horny individual.
Josh? You shouldn't hang with him, he's a simpy nibba.
by White niqqa god March 26, 2020
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She went back to him, she is such a simpie
by Sex genie March 1, 2020
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