A old shit who mentored the famous boy band one direction before they went worldwide and treated them and many other people like shit and is known for being a complete asshole but is also sometimes known as a judge on hit talent tv shows like America’s and Britain’s got talent as well as the X-factor
Simon Cowell needs to retire (I would say worse but I shouldn’t)
by icecoldhabit June 3, 2020
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A judge for talent shows who happens to be the Gordon Ramsay of the talent world... which is ironic considering that he doesn't have any talent that we know of.
Simon Cowell has no talent, so why is he a judge on idol shows and talent shows?
by KingAnonymous April 9, 2018
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A horrible person that flew a happy eighteen year old boy half way across the world to scold him for being himself. Only exception when it comes to TPWK, you do NOT have to treat S*mon with kindness.
Simon Cowell does not need a definition
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verb, to wear one's trousers ridiculously high above the waist
"pull your trousers down you twat, you're doing a simon cowell"
by mikespooner September 17, 2007
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A selfish rich bastard who is from Britain but thinks he is American Rips off the TV shows he made in Britain In America Also i heard he wears his trousers to his chin.
BASTARD Simon Cowell
by jackiiboii January 18, 2014
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a washed up garbage bag, plastic surgery fuck up, homophobe, dirty ass shitty mf, with an ugly ass fucking bitch ass face, who deserves to die in a hole.
person 1: my homophobe, aunt just got a botched face lift
person 2: wow is she simon cowell
by louiswilliamtomlinson28 November 12, 2020
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one directionphobic.

if you are cowbell seek help.
human: who are you?

the creature: im simon cowell

human: bye-
by niall and the potatoes February 11, 2021
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