A word used to describe a person with unusually apish characteristics/attributes (long forearms, calloused knuckles, awkward loitering around other people's conversations).

Also, used to describe a person who excels at hunter/gatherer endeavors (direct procurement of edible plants and animals form the wild, foraging and hunting).
Man that bitch stole the Simian's V-Card over the summer.


The Simian blew his hot steamy load over the crate of freshly imported Chiquita bananas.
by King Kong Jr. October 23, 2007
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A language only three people obtain. A secret code used by the one and only bbp side cult. Simple terms used from word to word structure which represent each letter with clicks to separate each complete word.
What does 'pookah dot oo ah' mean?

It's ABCD in Simian silly.
by @bbpclips April 27, 2019
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The distant parents of the "Original Peoples".
by Anonymous August 22, 2003
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Someone in the realms of about 5'9" - 6'0". Has a huge love for thunderous death metal and weighs roughly between 250lbs - 500lbs. They also love, and I mean *LOVE* proteins and red meat.
When at work, do not aggrivate the Simian. He will shit on your stomach.
by Bitchtits August 18, 2004
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Synonymous for saying someone is one hell of a smart monkey.
Ex 1:
John: Well I’ll be a monkey's uncle! Steve Jobs has made Apple more valuable than Microsoft on the market!

Justin: There's no doubt he's a shrewd simian.

Ex 2:
I just saved a lot of money by switching to GEICO! Call me pretentious, but this car owner feels like one shrewd simian!
by ShrewdSimian June 4, 2010
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A monkey butler. Similar to the monkeys in the PG Tips adverts, but in a waistcoat, carrying a silver platter.
by The Artful Codger May 18, 2004
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a more politically correct to refer to a "sand monkey" or an individual of middle eastern descent or terrorist.
It comes from the root words: Simian, Relating to, characteristic of, or resembling an ape or a monkey; and Silicus, a made up word that you can say is the latin definition of sand.
instead of calling someone a camel jockey call them simian silicus instead. It sounds more polite and they probably won't know that you're making fun of them.
by JasonS November 19, 2005
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