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A word used to describe a person with unusually apish characteristics/attributes (long forearms, calloused knuckles, awkward loitering around other people's conversations).

Also, used to describe a person who excels at hunter/gatherer endeavors (direct procurement of edible plants and animals form the wild, foraging and hunting).
Man that bitch stole the Simian's V-Card over the summer.


The Simian blew his hot steamy load over the crate of freshly imported Chiquita bananas.
by King Kong Jr. October 23, 2007
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Someone in the realms of about 5'9" - 6'0". Has a huge love for thunderous death metal and weighs roughly between 250lbs - 500lbs. They also love, and I mean *LOVE* proteins and red meat.
When at work, do not aggrivate the Simian. He will shit on your stomach.
by Bitchtits August 18, 2004
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