Another way of saying u got owned,pwned,or fucked.
Brian got Silver Foxed yesterday.
by Jordan T. September 20, 2007
The silver fox is a melanistic form of the swamp fox. The Silver Fox is best known for intelligence, agility, loyalty, & unwavering friendships. Historically, silver foxes were among the most valued furbearers.

A common behavior of the Silver Fox is social marking. This behavior is used as a display of dominance, but may also be used to communicate general acceptance. This behavior usually takes place in local watering holes (or Irish Pubs).
Silver foxes exist in seasonally monogamous pairs. Wild silver foxes do not naturally mate exclusively with members of the same coat. Age, food, population density, and mating system (polygyny or monogamy) all affect the overall happiness of the Silver Fox.
by GDTrashPanda January 14, 2018
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I really Need a Silver Fox to Help me with my Families home!!
by SilverFoxDFW July 1, 2018
When you grab a female's long pussy hair and use them as a handle to eat the pussy like a fox burying themself in a den.
Joe gave her the silver fox last night and she wouldn't stop screaming.
by Moseswaters October 23, 2019
Harry Styles definition of attractive, handsome, beautiful. This moment when he called that man was probably once in a lifetime, so please, everybody appreciate it.
sir, may i say, I know i’m at a distance ... you are a handsome silver fox.”
by #1medicinestan April 9, 2018