(Used primarily as a noun)
Sexy older men that maintain their physique, that have grey hair and are the classiest fuckers around. (They are usually rich).
They often make young strait boys squeal and moisten their briefs.
Daniel Craig is such a silver fox.
Anderson Cooper is one sexy silver fox.
by Lookin for foxes November 14, 2012
A genetic pigmentation of a red fox that has a shiny grey colour. The fox does not distinguish other red foxes and mates with the different pigment
by Animal info March 3, 2017
One with silver hair who commands the Great Oaks Police Academy. This animal is known to walk around elusively.
by farrot April 22, 2010
A horny lady older than a cougar with silver hair.
Yo gramma is a silver fox!
by basic9 March 16, 2010
an older gentleman with grey pubic hair.
not until i was on my knees did i realize he was actually a silver fox.
by e June 15, 2006
An older man. Generally, one that has gray hair and is often desired by younger boys.
Kenny Butler thinks of himself as the original silver fox!
by Supersede5j June 9, 2018