An attractive older man. Generally, one that has gray hair and is often desired by younger women.
That Sean Connery may be old, but he sure is one silver fox!!
by C.J.R. January 30, 2006
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An older gentleman who, despite his gray hair, --or maybe because of it-- is dead sexy.
Shelby: "Man! I can never decide who takes the cake for hottie of the century, Paul Newman in The Hustler or Robert Redford in All The Presidents Men"
Kate: "Naaah my friend, I prefer Robert Redford circa The Horse Whisperer-- what a silver fox!"
by Shelby and Kate August 31, 2007
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An attractive older man with gray, white or silver hair. Anderson Cooper 'nuf said!
Anderson Cooper is a silver fox and i will marry him someday,
by imaginewhirledpeas April 3, 2009
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A very attractive older man or woman with graying to white hair. Usually 55 years or older.
Dude, I can't believe Christie Brinkley is 61!! She's a total silver fox!

Colin Firth is suuuuch a silver fox... I'd let him rob my cradle anytime ;)
by Saggyduke November 18, 2015
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An extremely wealthy, sexy "salt and pepper" man who is often sought after and seeks younger women.
Damn girl, look at that silver fox over that. I was to make him my sugar daddy and love him all night long..... Or at least until his Viagra wears off....
by foxylady2012 March 26, 2010
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A sexy and attractive old man who usually has grey hairs coming in or a head full of them with slight gruff or full gruff there really is no limit. Like Rik Mayall for example:3 he’s my favourite Silver Fox
Tali:oh god damn rik is such a dilf
Calleigh:you know I’d rather say he’s a silver fox
by RikMayallsWife August 31, 2023
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