First apply a small amount of hot sauce on your penis, then let the girl give you a blow job, this will cause her nose to run, wipe the snot off her nose and use it for lubrication to have anal sex, after having anal sex get on top of her and titty fuck her while she licks your butthole, while this is goin on you fart in her mouth, she will a puzzeled look on her face but waste no time and turn around and cum in here mouth, don't let her swallow it immediately, then take your penis and shove the cum down her thoart, while you are doing this you piss down her thoart forcing piss/cum down her thoart, while she's forcing this down you shit in your hand and throw it in her face, you then pull a Tony Danza and ask her whos the boss she will probably say "you are" you then punch in the nose and say "No Tony Danza is the boss bitch" you then throw shit in her face again and ask her once again who the boss is she will then reply "Tony Danza" you punch her in the nose again and say "why are you thinking about Tony Danza while we are having kinky sex."
Requirements for The Silencer: You must have at least a 10 inch penis, no sexual activity for at least a week before preforming this and only anal sex with no store bought lubricants and you have to be pretty messed up in the head or just really kinky....Warning make sure women is willing participant and beware of her trying to bite your penis!!!!
by The ones and only October 4, 2008
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That moment when you and your friends are too stoned to actually say anything.
Simply, "..."
by Twilight Veil April 21, 2004
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1. (v.) Another word to avoid saying "to kill." Which is what one definition of silence means.

See also: abortion, put down to sleep

2. (v.) To make someone silent. (n.) A condition where there is absolutely/almost no sound.
by Matt May 9, 2003
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Stuff that happens after you fart or say something stupid. Usually awkward. Also, Really fun to break.
by Tiller July 18, 2005
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Deadly tongued scholar with 32 Cisco routers and an ARIN forensics pass. Beat me up for incorrectly installing Counterstrike on his patented 'linux training box' at Uni. Fair to say I have not kept contact beyond the 'yearly email'.
Gaz ''bastardly'' Ward.
by Martin3000 December 8, 2004
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a guy named dave who threatens to kill you if you make noise while hes trying to sleep
"You guys need to shut the fuck up before i bury your fucking asses in the backyard."
by skp July 7, 2003
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A dirty sock that is slid over the top of your cock to catch jiz, while jerking it.
1) Dude, dont touch that sock, I just used it as a silencer.
by Doodle sack November 6, 2007
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