davids middle name. he wrote the book on silence
david silence cast.....
by webster January 14, 2005
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used when telling joyce to STFU!
dearest JOYCE: :
dearest JOYCE: <3<#<#<#<##333
austin oneCHANG: SILENCE!
by JACKETY JACK March 7, 2007
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A person who is doing his/her job silently and tries to keep the silent after a job is done.
Admin who is not talking but kicking the lame users on IRC.
by CGG November 29, 2003
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A person who sticks his dick in places silently
ask him AIM
by Solidsnack July 2, 2003
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a silencer is when a girl is giving u head on the toilet and shes really bad so u drop a piece of shit so the watter splashes in her face and if she starts bitching at u get up pick up the shit and wipe it on her face.
this one time at cuba about 2 weeks ago in the winter break i was accaully gettin head on the toilet cause my roommate didnt want to leave and i was drunk and i droppen a piece of shit in the water and she started to bitch so i picked it up and wiped it on her face. I silencer (Silence Her) that hoe. True Story I have a picture.
by Stav Bar January 20, 2006
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"silencer how did u do that?"
by Peter May 21, 2003
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