I don't know it just makes me think and wonder and imagine how late at night you know between completing your days work and falling asleep a man and a woman lie on their respective beds in their respective cities thinking of each other really warming up for each other
and in that silence full of loving visions and good faith they are kind of unified but also alone.
by Klung March 3, 2021
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When facts do not fit the narrative
Tim posted "The mainstream media is biased" and, he was quickly silenced.
by Otoxha July 30, 2020
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All the words in the world compressed into a small compact ball. If broken, the area will sound like nonsense.
It's to quiet and true in here, someone break the silence
by peter October 14, 2004
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A very gullible canadian who falls for everyones tricks.
Quba: Silence, I can't make the match tonight, I have to go to the winter olympics. Silence: Are you serious? Im gonna go reschedule the match.
by Mike March 13, 2005
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A handful of toilet paper quickly thrown into the toilet bowl before doing a shit. This is especially useful in a public toilet, to spare your cubicle neighbours and your own embarrasment.
Oh man, I heard that! You should have used a silencer!
by GutterFish November 4, 2007
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although a problematic term for something thats essentially undefinable, you miss that partner in your life. there may be situations, obligations, responsibilities, issues and struggles, all manageable somehow with a loved and cherished "you", the keeper of balance, of my heart, the shoulder, the mind, the smile, the only one who is allowed to touch me.
sitting in your room, the kids asleep, afraid to face the silence again, the silence friends and family can fill for only so long
by Klung October 6, 2019
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