A popular, successful, but highly independent and self-reliant person. Typically a male.
One step above an alpha male.
Unlike the simps of twitch, David was a sigma male as evidenced by his work ethic and the women throwing themselves at him.
by ImARaptors July 16, 2021
1. A very self-reliant person, kinda like an Alpha except higher.
2. Sigma from the Mega Man X series, a funny bald Maverick that's so stubborn to eliminate humanity to the point where he managed to come back from death more than 7 times.
1. "Oh wow, Henry is such a Sigma male! He never gives in to peer pressure!"
2. Person 1: "Oh wow, he's such a Sigma male!"
Person 2 : "Haha, you mean Sigma from Mega Man X? He's so badass!"
by enigmamaster March 4, 2022
The old meaning was an independent man who respects women and girls, has a successful life and good reputation. Now it has been twisted and means someone whos a teenage boy and gets no girls, believes are women are the same because he got rejected once by a woman, and thinks its funny & cool to disrespect women. Most of the time they also use the term "women☕️"
"Damn you rejected that girl and made her cry on purpose?" "Yes because I am a sigma"-🤓

*A clip of a man being a prick to a women*
Sigma: *duets video with clips of men smiling, which usually include patrick bateman*
Comments: "Real sigma"

"Why does no one like me???" "Because you are an outcast boy"-🧐🧠
by IONLYSPEAKFACTTTS November 27, 2022
Member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Incorporated. Founded January 9, 1914 on the campus of Howard University in Washington, DC by the most honorable A.Langston Taylor, Charles I.Brown, and Leonard F. Morse. The sum of all and represents true brotherhood, scholarship, and service.
Every man wants to be a SIGMA man.
by Bro. Chapman May 10, 2008
As said above, a bald Maverick that won't fucking die! Except in X8 where he's gone for good. At least so says Capcom. But they lie too much and give me gas.
Sigma: JUSDIEECKS!!!11 JUSDIEEE!!!!111

X: WTF mate?
by AD2101 January 11, 2005
The sexiest of the Decay of Angels and owner of the sky casino

Little baby doubts himself and feels like he doesn't deserve to live but that's SO WRONG

He's also the husband of both Fyodor and Nikolai
Sigma is so cute and attractive!!
by sigmas wife March 9, 2021