A variety of the tiktok disease with out the tiktok watermark.

Generally, has tiktok reposts. Mostly has staged pranks, unfunny jokes, dangerously fake facts and more.
My friend likes YouTube shorts. I think something’s wrong with him.
by youcantseeme56 June 25, 2021
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Bootleg Tiktoks
A rando is addicted to YouTube Shorts
by lil' thug September 28, 2021
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a cringe piece of shit that has no purpose. it only wastes your time.
guy: broooo, i scrolled for one hour on youtube shorts today
guy: what?
by thepersonwhoisreal January 16, 2023
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Once again youtube made another bad and cringey platform!
The whole point is that YouTube shorts is the new copy paste of youtube kids oh and its also a copy paste of tiktok because of many tiktok videos posted in it.
A wise man once said “if idiots are airplanes youtube shorts would be a airport”
by Somebody thats not gay July 26, 2021
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Sub bot.
But really: YouTube videos that are basically TikToks, but on YouTube, and they are guaranteed to give BIG views. Especially if there’s bobux involved.
YouTube: *gives me bobux YouTube shorts on homepage*
Me: it viral time to copy
Me a few days later: *1 billion sub*
by Bronelson January 14, 2021
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An absolute abomination
No joke bro, no need to download tiktok instead you've got "youtube shorts". This feuture is still available to watch, basically inside the youtube shorts it's just a bunch of cringy shorts, skits, tiktok repost, and etc..

It's also addictive as tiktok
Also youtube shorts is the one who made the "png-tubers" trends which is trending right mow in tiktok currently. Not only that there are many bunch of horrible content creators-..
Doesn't recomend this. It's just youtube being hungry again...
"Let's post some videos in youtube shorts!"
by BoringCrumbs April 21, 2022
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A poorly made TikTok ripoff made by Youtube.

The brain of most of the people who makes Youtube Shorts is composed by dead skincells, homophobia, dead memes and anime memes.

99,9% of Youtube Shorts are: Using homophobia to win likes, poorly made edits, accusing LGBTQIA+ people of doing things that they didn't do, weeb memes, crappy trends, disrespecting religions, etc.
0,1% of Youtube Shorts are: Interesting topics, well made edits, fun games, good trends and other good content.
Person 1: What a terrible day to watch Youtube Shorts.

Shorts 1: If you like LGBTQIA+, you need to kill yourself because you are a mistake for the world <3
Shorts 3: Breaking bad memes: terrible - Weeb memes: awesome

Shorts 4: Oh, you're LGBTQIA+? Well, then you immediatly turned into a criminal, you're not welcome here.
Shorts 5: If you are muslim you are cringe <3

Person 1: These videos are so stupid, the worst part is that they judged people that are Muslims, like, seriously?
Person 2: FR! These persons don't have braincells!
by DaFunniPoley October 29, 2022
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