A name for someone who is younger than you

Tends to be cute

by LLjimin January 4, 2019
literally any little baby thing on this little baby planet can be a little baby. expecshhhshh if its an awesome little tiny bitty baby thing. used usually when you want to express something awesomeeeee.
i sooooooooooo little baby like this.
by Little Baby Angel March 11, 2010
A YouTube channel that makes shitty animations for kids, some folk say that Jimmy was drunk one night and couldn't think of a channel name, so the motherfucker named it Little Baby Bum.
Karen: Little Baby Bum killed my child, don't vaccinate your children.
by mnmseminem May 17, 2020
Little baby head is a word to describe a little newb on COD or a scrub or just telling someone they have a small baby's head
by Little baby head July 4, 2016
A person who is a tsundere and doesn’t admit they like spending time with a person. They are really great person
Oh look its Little Baby Man
by NotMat_ December 26, 2022
1.) An as of yet unmarketable, but undoubtedly highly demanded children's toy.
2.) The illegitimate spawn of Satan.
3.) The Anti-Christ in baby doll form
4.) Mrs. Simpson's child.
Little baby no soul, new from Mattel, get your's today!
by Realist for Hire? September 21, 2005
Adjective, Anyone named marisa. Used as a mick name to anyone younger than you.
by ... the man August 3, 2020