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The act of coming at somebody the wrong way or being mean to them
Why you being sideways w me today?
by Sideways bitty November 13, 2017
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adj. The orientation of an asian woman's vagina.
Kim shaved two dots into her bush and made a smiley face with her sideways vagina.
by Webster June 25, 2004
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Off-target, wrong, or undesirable effect.
We were going to have a great night. We had three kegs of beer, enough guns and ammo to occupy a small country, and a little thermite (just for fun). That's when everything went sideways.
by Carlton Lassiter March 12, 2012
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(SIDE WAYS)side ways is a term used in prisons of california, when a inmate feels hes being disrespected by another they use this word .
e.g.#1 dont come at me side ways cause i'll fuck you up.e.g.#2 (streets)...( two girls arguing ),bitch if you ever come at me side ways again you fucken, trick, tramp, slut ,im going to rip you'r head off!!! and on top of that i'm going to fuck your man. .e.g.#3 don't let that fool come at you side ways. e.g.#4 i feel like you'r comeing at me side ways ,and you'r about one second away from getting a beat down like you stoled some thing.
by wic November 26, 2010
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to become extremely and uncontrollably drunk, high or just plain messed up
Dude, i was so sideways this weekend.
by clayton hammock December 05, 2007
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1. side·ways /ˈsīdˌwāz/ Noun. The latest pseudonym coined by Meth addicts to discreetly describe methamphetamine in its crystal state. Most commonly used during the acquisition of the drug in order to confuse any members of law enforcement who may be eavesdropping on a conversation between people dealing with the substance.
by SWETM222 November 30, 2011
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