The act of coming at somebody the wrong way or being mean to them
Why you being sideways w me today?
by Sideways bitty November 14, 2017
1. side·ways /ˈsīdˌwāz/ Noun. The latest pseudonym coined by Meth addicts to discreetly describe methamphetamine in its crystal state. Most commonly used during the acquisition of the drug in order to confuse any members of law enforcement who may be eavesdropping on a conversation between people dealing with the substance.
by SWETM222 December 1, 2011
The act, or art of getting sideways, also commonly reffered to as "getting beyond horizontal", is an extreme case of intoxication where one is incapable of standing upright in a vertical manner, thus the only other option being "horizontal" or "sideways". The level of sidewayness achieved by an idivudual is measured in degrees, 210 degrees being very sideways. In this state one is subject to numerous physical mishaps but also reaches and experiences the metal state of Euphoria.
Aw man I got so sideways last night, I took a shit in my bathtub.
by jdillybang June 18, 2011
Someone who is very drunk is said to be sideways
You'd be fine if you hadn't gotten so sideways last night.
by Dorian Black February 27, 2005
WHat you say when you don't know what to say. Also could be used to describe life. Life is sideways.
by America24 February 7, 2013
An Osar-nominated dramedy with Paul Giamatti. It's a road movie with humor and heart. It's a must-see and it's one of the best offerings of 2004 and the best independent feature to come out, also.
Let Thomas Haden Church take him his Oscar!!
by Kyle February 21, 2005
a way to describe an ugly female, not necessarily looks; usually said out loud and discreet for others to hear
*A 6'3", hunchbacked woman weighing approximately 260 lbs walks by you*

Dayam. Sideways!
by TheTrueDrinker October 31, 2003