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Modest Mouse is, to be quite honest, the greatest band of all time.

They hail from Issaquah, Washington, and are fronted by Isaac Brock, who, despite being raised in a trailer park, has written some of the greatest lyrics in music.

They became widely known when, in 2004, they released Good News For People Who Love Bad News, which is more upbeat than their earlier work, and it's songs (Ocean Breathes Softly and Float On) began being played by every radio station in the US, at least one an hour.


Isaac Brock - Vocals/Guitar
Eric Judy - Bass
Jeremiah Green - Drums/Percussion
Dann Gallucci - Guitar/Keyboards/Synthesizers



* This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About (Up, 1996)
* The Lonesome Crowded West (Up, 1997)
* The Moon And Antarctica (Epic, 2000)
* Good News For People Who Love Bad News (Epic, 2004)

EPs and other collections

* Blue Cadet-3, Do You Connect? (K, 1994)
* Interstate 8 (Up, 1996)
* The Fruit That Ate Itself (K, 1996)
* Night On the Sun (Up, 1999)
* Building Nothing Out of Something (Up, 2000)
* Sad Sappy Sucker (K, 2001)
* Everywhere & His Nasty Parlour Tricks (Epic, 2001)
* Baron von Bullshit Rides Again (Epic, 2004)


* "Broke" (Sub Pop, 1996)
* "Life of Arctic Sounds" (Suicide Squeeze, 1997)
* "Birds vs. Worms" (Hit or Miss, 1997)
* "Other People's Lives" (Up, 1998)
* "Neverending Math Equation" (Sub Pop, 1998)
* "Whenever You See Fit" (with 764-Hero) (Up/Suicide Squeeze 1998/2000)
* "Float On" (Epic, 2004)
* "Ocean Breathes Salty" (Epic, 2004)
Modest Mouse is the greatest band ever.
by Dorian Black July 22, 2005

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Derrogatory term used frequently in the GBLTQ community to describe Heterosexuals (Someone who fornicates the opposite sex)
The equivalent of "Faggot"
1. Jimmy, shut the fuck up you stupid breeder.
2. Mel, look at those breeders over there. They make me sick.
by Dorian Black May 14, 2005

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A term used for something that is being completely and totally useless.

i.e. a car, a slow internet connection, a crappy computer
Sorry, I had to restart. My computer was being a fucking thing.
by Dorian Black July 20, 2005

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Another term for new album. Can also be shortened to just 'spin'.
Hey, have you checked out *INSERT BAND HERE*'s new spin?
by Dorian Black July 04, 2005

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A term used to describe something that is cool; a play on 'cool beans'.
Nick: Hey Bob, I just got the new *INSERT BAND HERE* album!
Bob: Hot sex, Nick!
by Dorian Black June 25, 2005

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A derrogatory (when used by heterosexuals) or playful (when used by homosexuals) term used to describe a lesbian.
Mikey, look, a shorthair just walked in.
by Dorian Black May 26, 2005

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Someone who is very drunk is said to be sideways
You'd be fine if you hadn't gotten so sideways last night.
by Dorian Black February 27, 2005

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