sic-le (pronounced as in popsicle without the pop)adj.

Sickle-A combination of cool, sick, and ill, perfectly combined for smooth talking.
That move you just pulled was sickle!
by physcadilic August 1, 2005
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An individual who tends to be sick more often than healthy.
"hey is (name) feeling okay lately? He/she seems a bit off"

"ah yeah they're just a bit of a sickling, nothing to worry about! "
by ColinBassGuy March 29, 2017
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a sick ass person thats is a product of a sicker person like a person that is not sick that hangs around with a person that is sick will be come a sickling
john:dude have u seen emily shes been hanging out with jose alot

Pat:yeah shes gonna become a sickling bro
by jose arozz September 16, 2008
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damn his hair brightens my day, what a sickles.
by Poppa Dock December 13, 2005
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1. Urban slang for a drug addict or a drug abuser.

2. The title of the motto "Work, an you shall be free".
1. "That stupid Sickles sure needs to lay off the weed!"

2. Hitler used this phrase quite often as encouragement for the Jewish workers.
by Iced_T November 15, 2006
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sick, awesome, or just a pretty sweet icicle.
Dude, check out that sickle!
by elks May 15, 2006
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When a girl performs oral sex
by Guli January 2, 2006
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