sick, awesome, or just a pretty sweet icicle.
Dude, check out that sickle!
by elks May 14, 2006
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A term used to describe someone who is newly single and is down for a good time.
Shit dawg. Just broke up with my boyfriend. I'm sickle as FUCK.
by lickdaclit January 04, 2019
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an ugly redhead who cant get girls because of the extreme size of his nose and other ugly facial features
did you see sickles? i almost vomitted when i saw him today.
by Paul D. January 11, 2006
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Sickles is something you do that is fucking sick. It is basically a sick knuckles, sickles. You do you hang loose sign and fist bump with someone else. Fully sick brother!
"That was a cool trick dude!"
"sickles dude!"
by Changaz dude 2019 March 18, 2019
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a sicko that doesn't like pickles
Look at that fucking sickle eating that plain cucumber.
by thepicklerontheroof March 27, 2019
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