Sickles is something you do that is fucking sick. It is basically a sick knuckles, sickles. You do you hang loose sign and fist bump with someone else. Fully sick brother!
"That was a cool trick dude!"
"sickles dude!"
by Changaz dude 2019 March 18, 2019
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an ugly redhead who cant get girls because of the extreme size of his nose and other ugly facial features
did you see sickles? i almost vomitted when i saw him today.
by Paul D. January 12, 2006
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The act of getting hammered off of a Russian alcohol, typically vodka.

The term comes from the flag of the former Soviet Union (present day Russia), a hammer and sickle.
Ivan- What's Borris been drinking?
Vlad- He just downed 3 bottles of Smirnoff in like a minute!
Ivan- Shit, he must be hammered and sickled!
by How do you spell CORN? May 11, 2011
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The Russian Sickle is a painful maneuver than should be used sparingly. It involves sneaking up behind an unsuspecting comrade and forcefully grabbing and squeezing his testicles for an extended period of time. This is especially painful if the recipient is wearing mesh shorts.
I was tired of hearing my co-worker Bruce brag about hi 401K so I gave him a Russian Sickle while he was at the water fountain.
by Phelpsbomb June 25, 2009
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Where you freeze runny shit into the form of a pop sickle and then shove it up your ass and then re shit it. (Can be repeated many times)
Person 1: hey you know the old Mexican man down the street
Person 2: yeH what about him
Person 1: yeah i buy shit sickles from him all the time very high quality
by AddyDaddy1234 December 21, 2020
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Sickle Cell comes in two forms:
Sickle Cell trait Sickle Cell disease.
Sickle Cell trait is when you're a carrier of the gene. There aren't really any eminent medical concerns. There are limitations on what you should do that comes with the trait.
Sickle cell disease usually occurs when two people with Sickle Cell trait have a child. Sickle Cell disease can create major medical concerns such as blood sickling episodes and stroke.

Both come with the chance or higher susceptibility to Anemia.
Both are also hereditary. Most times it (in trait form) is found in African Americans. (1 in 500 African Americans have it, some don't know)
"Do you think this wig would give people Sickle Cell?" Chris Rock, Good Hair
by girlwiththetrait October 28, 2011
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When your lady friends vaginal juices are so thick and greasy that they leave a hard coating on your erect pecker, this creates "The Twat Sickle". This is usually an undesirable ailment, so to be called one is rather rude.
(Dave) "Man, after banging Susie last night I woke up with a huge Twat Sickle!
(Joe) "You better get that thing on ice!"
by Dave "The Air Bus" September 30, 2006
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