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Shye is one of those people that is cool and has a good sense of humor. He is a badass that is nice until you piss him off. He is very laid back and will avoid a fight; however, he will stand for what is right. He respects women like crazy and his elders. Stong willed and a gift from God. Fine as hell and bright future ahead. Also brave and courageous.
Dang, did u see Shye today, man I wish I could be like that.
by judeo5 October 10, 2013
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Anything and everything. Shye is a context sensitive word used to refer to things that you wouldn't want other people you're around to know about. Such as: Booze, drugs, hot women, or any other illegal activities/substances. The correct pronunciation is "Sheh"
Dude you want to be a little bit shye tonight?
Yeah, dude. We're going to get so shyeeee!
by Shorty-G August 09, 2011
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Usually a name used for a mixed child. The name means strong/courageous son. Very charismatic individual. Will be very successful in life. Great lover, everything any woman could ever want, sexually and emotionally. Loves his mom dearly. Puts God first in his life.
I met this guy Shye last night, hes strong, handsom, sweet, and says hes a christian. Sounds like the perfect man to me!
by luvNmySon August 25, 2008
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Shye is just one of those people you can easily underestimate. She's not that welcoming at first, but will open up eventually. Just give her time. Insecure an quiet is only just one of her personalities. Jealously, big mouth, and Sensitively is her biggest flaws. She only depends on herself. Mixed emotions fill her with doubt an depression is just a small part in her life. Although it may seem likes she's all sob story an no happiness, thankfully that's not the case. She's charismatic an a wonderful leader. Independent an strong she seeks a brighter future for herself. Understands space and longs for affection, even if she realizes she has to except being the way she is. With different groups comes diffrent personality, that's something you'll just have to accept when you finally understand her way. Free flowing likes a strong river current but soft like a feather if she really cares about you. She's someone to cherish in life, certainly one of-a-kind
"Oh my god, what was shyes deal?"

"Shye should shut up for once"
by Penguincube March 18, 2018
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