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A noise that a man makes when a fine woman walks by, usually meaning a sort of erection. This will sometimes be accompanied by a pelvic thrust.
*three fine women walk by
Shwing, shwing, shwing
by Judas Sucks January 16, 2005
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An imagined sound effect reffering to the acquiring of an errection at abnormal speeds.
*watches Tatu performance at 2003 MTV movie awards.* Woah... *shwing*
by Ryan M. June 12, 2003
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Adjective used to describe the tingle sensation or a attraction reaction felt by a human when another human is nearby. Popularized in the 1990's by Garth in the film Wayne's world, used in tandem with a strong pelvic thrust or pelvic gesture in the direction of the party.
Jimmy says "shwing" as Pamela walks by him in the break room and is later fired for harassment!!
by Urbanswervin July 12, 2015
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To announce to those surrounding you that you have grown an Instant Boner
Guy: Yo , look at that bitch, what you think?

Me: Lets just say, SHWING!
by Jon March 10, 2003
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