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A term used by the adult film industry to describe rough or aggressive oral sex the term and its use is credited to the adult film star Jonny toxic in the early 1990's. Descriptions of other origins and or activities are incorrect, the industry also refers to these actions as "forced" or "brutal" oral sex. The term is among the most searched terms in all of the adult film industry.
That chick gave some good oral sex, she let me finish by skull fucking her. This can be used both ways, girls in the industry also use this term when they aggressively ride a males face with their genital areas!!
by Urbanswervin July 12, 2015

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A joke or phrase used to bypass, silence or squelch out any annoying,irritating or harassing comment or conversation. Commonly used by Boss Status players to flag or penalize player haters!

Made internationally exceptable by snoop doggy dog (rapper) in the mid 1990's on his death row records release / LP - "The Dog Father"
defensive end for the Dallas Cowboys misses a key tackle during a playoff game and when he leaves the field his defensive coach approaches him amd starts yelling

COACH : " Why don't you try playing some D for a change"

PLAYER: "play some D"?
COACH: "yeah, D"!
by Urbanswervin July 31, 2015

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Adjective used to describe the tingle sensation or a attraction reaction felt by a human when another human is nearby. Popularized in the 1990's by Garth in the film Wayne's world, used in tandem with a strong pelvic thrust or pelvic gesture in the direction of the party.
Jimmy says "shwing" as Pamela walks by him in the break room and is later fired for harassment!!
by Urbanswervin July 31, 2015

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HOODRIT - A young female from 7 to 15 years old born into a low income or poverty stricken area of any race or creed whom is unable to rise above the stereotypes and oppressive delinquencies learned from older peers in and around her surrounding geographical location. HOODRIT short for HOOD RAT IN TRAINING!
"Oh you didn't hear about her? She's been gone, she's a HOODRIT for real"
"Look at these HOODRITTENS"

"HOODRITTENS lord, these young ladies need some help"

"These streets just keep producing hood rats and they have a whole trail of hoodrit's right behind them"
by Urbanswervin July 12, 2015

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a street term or phrase if separated into two parts - pronounced (BLAHH - ZAHY) meaning or used to describe ones act of telling a story or fiction. Term used to call out someone on theirbullshit or fake, untrue or unsubstansiated claim. Widely used in dice games and around Brooklyn corner stores during the mid to late 1980's. blahsay BLA HZAY
"Your running off at the mouth right now, your acting real blahsay"
by Urbanswervin July 12, 2015

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Two meanings (possibly more)

Meaning no.1: Scandal Handle (scan/dhal - Han/dhal) a name or "handle" used by daily print,blog and bloggers (which differs from their birth name) who write or "report" specifically about gossip and or drama associated with rumors and or gossip of any kind. This could also include radio hosts and other forms of media not listed in which a individual uses a alias or handle instead of their real name to contribute any form of drama or gossip to anyone's life.

Meaning No.2 = Scandal Handle (scan/dhal - Han/dhal) a hood rats ponytail, weave extension or any type of body excess which could be used to hold,pull or push during sexual intercourse or foreplay.
No.1: His real name is Mario L but while he is reporting the latest celebrity smutt he uses the scandal handle Parez Hilton.

No.2: Man says to another man about recent one night stand with a Hood Rat - "You know how I do, I grabbed that Scandal Handle and gave that hoe the capital D!" Other guy assumes he is speaking about the frosty blonde extension he saw Latishwa with just a day earlier, which sh had placed at the top of her head in a ponytail facing the right side of her back.
by Urbanswervin July 12, 2015

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