Unknown; something Dr. Peter Shumpmaker's ancestors no doubt built.
"...The guy is Dr. Peter Shumpmaker. Lord knows what a 'shump' is but you can bet your bippy his ancestors made them." -Shoreleave
by Koros December 15, 2009
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in video games, short for the Shoot 'em up genre.
Mushihimesama Futari is considered to be one of the world's hardest shumps.
by Brightstar March 19, 2007
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To take a dump and then take a shower without leaving the bathroom. Wiping is optional. Variaton: shamp - To take a dump while in the shower.
Last night I took a monster shump.
Tom had to take a shower after football practice, but he couldn't hold in his dump, so he just took a shump.
by Stew G December 16, 2006
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to dump the cum from your ass (see shum) after anal sex.
"shortly after hot anal sex with Brad, Hilary found it necessary to take a shump"
by Damalyssien December 31, 2008
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Taking a dump and a shower in the same trip to the bathroom. This is for maximum efficiency and cleanliness, as one leaves the bathroom with a clean ass and maintains that cleanliness until tommorrow's shump.
I felt refreshed and ready to face my day after my morning shump.
by Tommy Rylander November 4, 2003
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"I just took a huge shump in your toilet."
by BlackFalcon448 December 1, 2011
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