1.)by far, the best stooge

2.)someone who's better than curly

3.) the original vaudeville stooge
by horbin bernsen May 10, 2012
1. (noun)A Stand in in a movie, used when the budget is all sucked up

2. (noun)The replacement on the 3 Stooges

3. (verb) The act of relaxing or sitting around

"What are you doing this weekend?"
"I'm just shempin' it"
by Shin November 10, 2003
A loser that has no clue what is going on.
"Wayne is such a Jankey Shemp, Sherta told him she would give him some play if he bought her that cellie- and he beleived her"
by HAB October 25, 2006
Shemp can be used in place of any undesirable word, as a euphamism for that word. Derives from "Shemp" as the name given to Matt Opotzner. Shemp can be used for anything, but the only person it can represent is Matt Opotzner.
Dude1: Holy shemp, man, did you see Shemp today?
Dude2: Yeah, man, what a shemp. He's really shemped it up this time... Phil's gonna flip a shemping shemp.
by Jazz Bandy May 31, 2004
Describles someone who is of less than ordinary intelligence. From the Three Stooges 4th Stooge named "Shemp" who was not good enough to be an original stooge.
"That Kirk guy is a real shemp."
by Gaston June 18, 2006
Shemp pretty much means that something is less than expected or skimped. Anytime you get less than what you expect it is considered shemp. This term was used in the Lake Tahoe/ Northern California area in the Mary Jane subcultures.
Dude WTF, that sack dimeboy hooked up the other night was shemp as fuck. Kick down!
by skatz442 February 5, 2009