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Having ogrewhelmingly hot sex while watching Shrek or Shrek 2.
Hey babe, let's take off those layers and have some hot sweaty Shrex with our pants half way down on your couch because your parents are in the next room.
by Shrek is love, Shrek is life January 26, 2014
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Performing the religious tradition, mandatory for all persons under the Shrek covenant, where anal sex is conducted. But not just any old plane Jane anal sex. You have to have Shrek the movie, broadcasting throughout the entire neighborhood in a ten mile radius. You have to wear a two foot strap on shrock, which must be onion scented. It is vital that you moan Shrek's name during intercourse. If you moan your partner's name you will be abolished from the Shrek Covenant. Because no other name is to be provided during the conduction of Shrex. Shrek is the ultimate pleasure giver. Anyone who speaks of another name other than Shrek during Shrex must be punished to death by the Barbed Shrock.
"Babe, it is imperative that we attend the Shrex ritual at church tomorrow. You know what will happen if we don't!"
by Bishop of The Shrek Covenant September 16, 2019
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Although some may believe it to be a play on words combining the popular characters name Shrek with sex the true form of Shrex is much more wild and free. Shrex is the act of gathering a large amount of your earwax overtime and forming it into a dildo which you then use to pleasure your partner before you take it and smother it over your dick. You then shove an onion in her ass and begin fucking her with your earwax covered dick using it as lube. As you achieve orgasm you have to do the roar and after you cum inside your partner she has to say "What are you doing in my swamp!". You then have to proceed to remove the onion from her ass and eat it. Butt Shrex is a similar form but putting the onion within the vagina and fucking the ass.
Person 1: "Want to get together and have some Shrex?"
Person 2: "Do you have a collection of earwax and an onion?"
Person 1: "No why would I need that?"
Person 2: "The true definition of Shrex is sex that involves onions earwax and various phrases."
Person 1: "That's nasty."
by azy66 December 29, 2014
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sex but with shrek, so shrek would be your bitch
mandi would like to have shrex with shrek
by bigpapiray December 06, 2019
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Rough violent sex with a partner who resembles a hideous such as Shrek the Ogre or Evan Rogan.
Awww man I just had some nasty Shrex with connor earlier... he came 4 times.
by Alex Fontana October 05, 2012
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When you load into Animal jam classic and realize your a panda and proceed to make yourself all green while putting on a jacket similar to that of Shrek a green orge. Then attempting to harrasse a young child of the ages 6-12 while screaming "LET ME FILL YOU WITH ONIONS". After doing the deed you continue to strip more little kids of there innocence.
by Stink Billy May 21, 2020
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