The extra awesome extraccurricular activity at schools mostly in the mid west. it is where high school students prance arround on giant risers, duck tape the bottom of their shoes, use enough aqua net to cause lung cancer, sleep on the floors of buses, talk trash about that one girl who "can't do a jazz hand to save her life", and at the end of the day, go home with a few sparkly trophies that make for great weapons if someone is being annoying on the bus ride home. Guys wear more make up than David Bowie, and girls aren't afraid to strip in front of a large crowd of boys. We sweat, get sprained ankles, curse, and at the end of the day made some good friends and had some awesome times! Ah Show Choir...what's not to love!?
Dude 1: Dude! that girl over there is totally stripping!
Dude 2: Yea so, she's in Show Choir.
Dude 1: Well still, why aren't you totally in awe over this?
Dude 2: Cause I'm in Show Choir...
by librasign91 June 1, 2009
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It is an activity in which participants sing and dance at the same time, while wearing shiney costumes and jewelry that can blind you, dark make-up, and fake hair. Show choirs perform at competitions within their own state and sometimes compete in other places, such as California, Florida, New York, Branson, Hawaii, and Chicago.
In show choir you wear dark make-up and shiney costumes.
by supersmile March 8, 2009
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1.) a flock of entitled little brats who all think they're gonna end up on Broadway or in Hollywood, but in reality about 25% of them have voices that don't make you want to die.

2.) a group of petty girls who have the attitude of a twelve-year-old and the orange skin of a fifty-year-old, and throw in a few closeted boys who hit on aforementioned girls to make it look like they aren't flaming as fuck.

3.) a choir run by teachers who don't actually teach the popp-y shit music and instead just collect an outrageous amount of money to do jack shit

4.) literally the most cancerous extra-curricular. Go get voice lessons instead. Show choir is hell.
"I wanna be a successful musician! I think I'm gonna join my high school's show choir!"
"Don't do that unless you really want to lose forty hours a week, all your Saturdays, and all of your friends."
by crapsody June 3, 2018
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showchoir is a mispelled version of show choir. just to clear up confusion.
by poo. July 28, 2004
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A group of sequined-clad young adults who prance around onstage with more energy than cheerleaders on speed in the effort to win a "trophy." They sing, too.
Carlos: Man I'm so tired, I'm out like a straight guy in show choir!
by zoe December 9, 2003
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singers and dancers that perform in random places, such as Branson, Missouri, and West Virginia. These show choir members are often called Show Queers because of the flamboyently bright, sequency costumes.
by Thurmmm June 8, 2004
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Show Choir Hangover - n.

A feeling when a member of show choir is still feeling the effect of show choir Saturday. Basically extra tiredness throughout the weekend.
Oh dude, I have a nasty show choir hangover!
This show choir hangover is killing me. At least I had fun performing.
by samyoungftw February 10, 2020
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