You'd be lucky to have a Branson in your life. He is sweet, adorable, smart, and extremely funny. He is mostly introverted, but around friends and loved ones he comes out of his shell. Branson usually feels misunderstood, and usually confides only in a close friend or loved one. When he falls for someone, he loves them more than anything in the world, and he'd do anything for them. He is a loyal and caring friend, and he cares about you more than you know, he just doesn't want to admit it. Keep him close, for he truly brings you happiness and brightens up your life.
What's Branson like?

Oh, he is one of a kind.
by ***Sapphire*** April 10, 2019
A branson is someone who keeps god close to heart, understands things. Always able to make people laugh. The class clown in the best way. One of the most cutest guys around. Cares about everyone even if they don’t know him. You will never see branson not wearing camouflaged crocs
Have you seen the cute guy over there?
Yeah that’s Branson
by Nit today bulldog September 14, 2019
A branson is a term reffering to a blow job, usually in which a woman performs oral sex on a man of affluence.
That chick is a gold digger but she gives great bransons.
by ma989 January 12, 2013
Branson is the hottest guy, but a complete weirdo. He is not gay, but might act like it sometimes. He can’t do math to save his life and can’t speak. All the thots seem to like him
Ahhh Branson is so hot, but I think he is into boys
by BigShaq0429 May 30, 2018
hot guy that stands out in a big group and gets along with everyone,very good with the ladies and is good at getting his way and can be very sweet. Loves to make everyone laugh at his jokes
That Branson kid is hilarious!!
by ThatGirlEveryoneKnows November 29, 2018
To receive a gay sex act of oral or hand releif from a recently married man.
"look at him he's itching for a branson"

by gmagic May 5, 2006
A virgin derived from the owner of 'Virgin' - Richard Branson
Person A: "Mate i horsed da life clean outta her"
Person B: "No ya didn't ya Branson"
by Big Craig aka Legend February 25, 2008