a synonym for weed, marijuana, or pot that was used in the the lyrics of many early 90's rappers. in its early stages cess was not exclusively shwag or shitty weed, but was rather synonymous with weed. Most rappers of this early age referred to even heady nug as cess

rappers who have used cess in this manner include, but are not limited to; Biggie Smalls, Masta P, Ghostface Killah, Method Man, NWA
"but that don't mean a nigga can't rest in the west, see some nice breasts in the west, smoke some nice cess in the west"
- Going Back to Cali - Biggie Smalls

"i'm sittin in a room full of hoes with some sexy ass bodies

smokin on the cess, playin dominoes, ain't fuckin wit nobody"
- Playa From Around the Way - Masta P

"we never half baked, Alaskan cess-capade, pushing new court dates"
- One - Ghostface Killah

"smoke cess nigga, smokin that AK, northern lights, yeahh stick'em"
- The Show - Method Man
by bob digi July 18, 2010
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pronunciation key (sess)
syn: marijuana, weed, herb, trees

naturally grown marijuana without chemical additives; brown in color, less potent than hydro; weed from the hood, ghetto herb
juno likes cess, cuz it's straight from the ghetto
by bribri August 14, 2003
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Weak/Less potent ugly green or brown weed.
We bought cess,there was no chronic left
by xLoCaL June 17, 2003
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"we were trying to cop us a cess sack."
--jurassic 5 "remember his name"
by carlos March 22, 2003
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synonym for weed
(see above definitions)
"don't smoke buddha, can't stand cess..."

Rob Base, It Takes Two
by lamalajuana February 2, 2007
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The stuff that manifests itself in a cesspool. Mainly shit, piss, toilet paper and water
There was a leak in the sewage pipe and the cess went everywhere
by towel401 April 25, 2007
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