a jamaican derived curse word that can sometimes be used the way as "fuck". the same can be said for bumboclot
yo!! wha de bloodclot ah go on here?!
(what the fuck is going on here?!)
by island born May 11, 2005
what raggas say to people they think they could have in a fight.
gimme that chicken ya bloodclot vegetable patty eating battyman.
by brutus February 15, 2004
a colloquial jamaican saying. to call someone a blood clot is like likening them to a woman's menstrual fluids, and also expresses the frustration one experiences at not being able to pursue sexual activities.
g bush 'im a rastaclart bloodclart pussyclart bombaclart chief. cha.
by jimmy destreatham June 6, 2003
sanitary towel
from: blood - blood
clot - paper
tek a pek a tha bloodclot whiteboy
by flite November 24, 2003
Word comes from slave times, when they were whipped they would go home and clean of the blood with a cloth. Hence, becoming a swear word in patois
You best get outta here before I whoop your bloodclot rass
by Rudy Bwoy May 5, 2005
This is a common misconception - the bloodclath is the cloth that galley slaves used to use to wipe their beaten backs.
by Elmina August 5, 2003