A meme that is totes popular among those who just say random, insulting shite and dissing those who cannot stand up for themselves. It is especially popular among them Twelvies and possibly the MLG, who have nothing else to do but squeeze a "Diseased Peter".
Myself, the ArchTitans: Oi, mate! The Illuminati does not exist and is a crock of shit, mate!!
A Member of "Faze Clan": U fockin wot m8? 1V1 me!
Friend of mine: Ooo shit! Shots fired! Daaaaamn!!!!
by The ArchTitans March 24, 2016
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When you shotgun a beer, and then take a shot of fireball. The first person to finish both drink and yell "Shots Fired" wins
Man I was so drunk after playing Shots Fired
by John Cheadle March 8, 2014
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what you say after you fart/ blow a hole in your chonies; replacement for "safety"
johnny: "shots fired"
timmy: "you got fart particles on my chorizo!"
by lilbigmouth June 27, 2010
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a vine that tina and shaina say and use a lot
oh my gosh! ratatata! shots fired!”
by ratatatatatta December 26, 2018
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Person 1: Here's my exes #. Psych, that's the wrong number!!
Person 2: boiiii call 911 cuz this nigga firing shots
by Skim milk June 15, 2015
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what you call in when someone starts coughing and cant breath
theres so much bat shit flu in that groceries store i dont wanna go in. i wanna call in cough shots fired instead.
by Cody5050 December 9, 2020
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