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A twelvie is a person that is between 12-14 who thinks they are cool and they fucking know everything, especially the girls who think they are hot shit and wear crop tops to the dairy. Twelvies usually think they are cool hooking up with people or going to parties. Twelvies are fucking annoying and they think they are better than everyone else. Twelvies are also known as teenie boppers. Fucking teenie boppers.
Twelvies:*wearing USA crop top, galaxy leggings and red vans* *goes to party* *smokes weed and drinks alcohol and thinks their cool but there parents don't know*

Person 1: oh did you see *name* at the party on Saturday smoking weed and drinking?
Person 2: yeah that fucking twelvie, she thinks she's
Cool smoking weed and drinking when she's 12. The only thing they should be drinking is milk and smoking those smoke lollies. Twelvie.
by wot_cunt March 09, 2014
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