When you blatantly diss or call out somebody you have a disagreement or problem with. stems from the term "Warning Shots"
Guy 1: Oh, he's just mad at me because I had sex with his girlfriend.
by He Who Is Awesome September 7, 2009
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(Interjection) - A reply given directly after a person gives a witty remark or serious burn.
Person A: *super hot burn*
Person B: Shots Fired!
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Phrase used by law enforcement officers to communicate the discharge of a weapon to dispatch over the radio.
724, shots fired, officer needs help, 20th and Main!

118, shots fired, suspect down. Roll EMS to my 20, code 3.

572, I just heard three shots fired. What’s your status?
by Tactical_Donut November 11, 2018
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Saying an insult to someones face; Being straight foward
Bob: "I dont like how you dress and your hair is messy".
Billy: "Dang shots fired".
by datkidd.neknek April 22, 2015
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When you make fun of someone and make a joke about them. After you make a really good comeback it is customary for someone to yell "SHOTS FIRED". This is Aly's saying and Jack can't use it!
Boy: "You look like shit! Just like your mom!

Girl: "That really hurt my feelings"

Random kid in the crowd" "SHOTS FIRED!"
by Pussydestoyer6969 May 27, 2015
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Aly's saying! Don't take it Jack! It means that you are throwin shade at someone or making fun of someone verbally. Not actually firing a gun
Man: you look awful

Woman: that hurt my feelings

Man: Shots fired
by Pussydestoyer6969 May 26, 2015
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