Ha, in that picture you can see her chonies!
by yggdresil April 21, 2011
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referred to as female underwear, panties. Most Hispanic chulas use this word.
"gurrr, mis chonies are nasty!"
"but dammnn dem chonies cute gurrr!"
by chixyeah December 12, 2012
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underwear in Spanish and you say it "shhho-knees"
"that bitch stank..."

"ya she chonies to take a bath!!!1one"
by farquad September 4, 2006
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An amazing ship of two of the smollest beans to ever kiss in the sisters of quiet mercy. Like omgg, could they get any cuter?
Cheryl and Toni - choni - is my riverdale OTP.
by hot hot diggity dog March 30, 2018
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