A person who is known for leaving the fandom they 'own' in turmoil for example;
writing in a plane crash that kills two of the most loved and shipped characters,
splitting up a ship and pairing them with the most disgusting characters,
even just not giving the fandom enough sex scenes of their ships.
Shonda Crimes ran away to Scandal leaving us Grey's fans with boring rubbish season 10.

Why the hell has Shonda Crimes left us heart broken again?

Stop being a Shonda Crimes.
by Shondaland Is My Home December 08, 2013
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An overrated narcissist who lacks basic writing skills
If you can't write your way out of a paper bag and are resistant to all forms of criticism, you're a Shonda Rhimes
by Justice4David June 19, 2018
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When you pump a grump into tinfoil and throw it at your parents
Yesterday, I was dropping a shonda, but my mom came in, so I threw it at her.
by Pharrell Khalifa September 19, 2018
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Adjective. A messy or unkempt space which looks like somebody named Shonda might live at.
I don't know how she even fucks in there cause her room is so shonda with that litter box in the corner.
by SaintDevin April 05, 2019
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Fresh unashamed bold
It’s sure to be bold if it’s a Shonda
by ShondaGay November 24, 2021
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When a black person are always bound to find themselves in a relationship with someone of the opposite race, typically a white person. It is typically uncommon for people caught in this paradox to date another black person.
Andre: Man, all my past relationship has been with White Women.

Cole: Sounds like you’re caught in the Shonda Rhimes Paradox, my friend.
by BOI64 February 04, 2021
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